Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Beginning: CCU

This journey of faith started in the morning after I arrived in Kolkata. The volunteer friends whom I have made upon arrival offered to meet up and show me the way to the Mother House. Afterall, it was only my second day. They were going to meet me in front of my hostel at 5:15am. Now, most people know that there is a 7.5 hour time difference in Kolkata. Most people. Except me. So after I waited on the street for 15 min and the soliciting and stares from the men on the street became uncomfortable, I didn't want to miss the morning mass so I decided to start walking.

"Go straight on the street ahead, and you will find Mother House," they said.

Uncomfortable as a newly arrived, with my untrusting nature I kept on asking. At times, when I saw a street on the right, I would make a right turn to announce my suspicion by detouring. But the people kept pointing me back to the original street I was instructed to walk straight thru. As I walked on, there were some individuals who would point toward the end of that straight road without me asking, and said, "Mother House."

All of a sudden God's voice spoke, "See, I have told you where to go. It is only you who doubt. But despite your little faith, I still have placed beacons to show you the way."

I was stricken to the core. Where can I hide from your Spirit? The streets of Kolkata became an entrance to the Labyrinth of my faith.

Labyrinth looks very much like a maze. But in fact, no matter how we walk it, an exit awaits us. In our own pace, pause at times when we want to, it is a long stroll of rhythm where we slowly synchronize with God's and encountering Him in the whisper of the breeze. Every now and then, when I need to make a decision out of faith, I think of that morning in Kolkata. And every time I take a leap in faith with prayers, He proves He is God. The rhythm of faith seems to swing in pendulum. Between the tick and tock, slowly I am moving close to the edge of the boat. The storm seems wilds and the waves seems high. I heard His voice in the wind and His arm stretches out invitingly.

The Voice says, "Do not be afraid."

Come, let go. Let's go.

Friday, August 19, 2011

From CCU to NRT

14 more sleeps before flying!

From volunteering @mother teresa's in Kolkata to relief work in japan, I've owed a whole lot to my fellow backpacker friends. Many of them have quit their job to travel. Some have climbed Mt Himalaya and traveled to Alaska visiting the bears and glaciers; Some have walked the entire pilgrimage camino of Santiago. My roommate Unni, a korean lady, has traveled for 5 years.
I think people who came to kolkata are summoned by this place, all of them are on a spiritual journey, in search of something bigger than life itself. I admire them wholeheartedly for one thing: they all have taken a step to begin the search. Too often we are held back by inertia, so many valid reasons for us to maintain our status quo -- clock of life continues to tick and horrible things continues to happen -- I will do it sometime in future, we said.

Then my backpacker friends told me, "There are things that if you don't do it now, most likely you will never do it." -- I think they are right.

I've wanted to go to Japan since the earthquake happened, but at that time I've bought the ticket to india already. Now in hind sight, the kolkata trip ought to happen, so I would be inspired to take the leap of faith over the forest of fear, to just go and do what my heart is called to do.

There are so much that we ought to do, and we can do. Thank you, my kolkata friends. You have shown me life can be lived like this.
Chiyo and Chris, I will see you two in japan!!!!!