Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At the Door

Today's work is to take people to spend money! XD
Most of  locations of temporary housing are inconveniently located in the middle of  nowhere.  People who don't own a car, esp the elderly, can only wait for the mobile food truck to come, or take the shuttle bus to shop grocery which comes to the area once or twice a week.  The temporary housing area that we serve doesn't even have a shuttle bus service.  Honestly, I am pretty upset about the negligence from the city officials!  On top of that, the shuttle bus service, when it is available, is not free.  Each time they will have to pay 600 yen.  When you have lost everything and the government is not paying you much, it is a lot of money.
The grannies and grandpas really appreciate our help to get some food.

One of the grannies called Mrs Asano asked me to carry her grocery to her house.  It was definitely my pleasure to give her a hand.   When we arrived at her small square box, she stopped in front of the door.  She turned around and said to me, "It is really embarrassing inside, you can leave the grocery here, thank you."
I was a little stunned, and was overwhelmed with sadness.
Usually Japanese are very hospitable.  They would double the miles if you have walked them one.  And I wouldn't be surprise if the little old lady attempts to feed me.
She could barely lift the bags herself...  How much shame does it take for a japanese old lady to refuse someone who has just helped her to carry heavy grocery to even step inside?
Yes, with a roof over their head.  A roof that reflects their embarrassing and stranded situation.  A roof that makes them feel they are not good enough to open their door to welcome a guest.
I suddenly remember the vision of Habitat for Humanity:  A world where everyone has a decent place to stay.  I wish for the day to come, that they can smile and open their door to guest with all the warmth and pride in the world.

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