Saturday, October 29, 2011

Train Cross way

Have you ever waited in front of the train's cross way?
We just had the day before. In the morning we were busing down from our dorm on the mountain down to our base, just as our daily routine goes.  When we got close to the cross way, the safety bar was lowered and there was a little line up in front of it.
"Oh, how I  have missed this!"  said Mr Wada, our bus driver.
We all poked our little heads to see through the front window.  Slowly but surely, a small train head passed through the crossway as we bursted into cheering and clapping our hands.

The lifeline of train tracks was destroyed in the tsunami in the coastal area, since then train service has been suspended.  Hearing the sound of train is like hearing the sound of the footsteps toward recovery.  Slowly, but surely.

How odd it is now that the usual stressful wait in front of the cross way become so moving.

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