Thursday, October 20, 2011

Park: A Park!

Laying down bricks in a park was my major task of the day.  I'd never thought about how that piece of brick road under my feet have come into being.  Ever.  And I am giving birth them right now!  After flattening the sand, we lay bricks down and hammer them down.  Each brick needs to be at the same level as the rest of its buddy, else somebody is gonna trip over it.  It's not as easy as it sounds, because each brick is not exactly the same thickness, and could be uneven on its own surface.  So we put different amount of sand underneath each brick to level it, and pound to its perfection.  As the day went, my hammer managed to miss any parts of my hand most of the time.  But finally I managed to miss the gigantic brick and hit my tiny little finger with the rubber hammer.  Oh I feel so smart these days when learning how to do handy work.

We are making a park for the kids in the community.  Most of the recreational space like park have been used for temporary housing, leaving the kids nowhere to play. One afternoon when I was killing my back with the brick-laying work, a small voice asked, "May I ask what you are making?"  I looked up, and saw two elementary school kids standing on the path in front of the bench area I was working at.  
"It is a park.  Please look forward to it!"  I smiled.  
"It's a park!  Isn't it great?"  The boy who asked turned to his friend exclaimed with excitement.  
I stood and watched as they walked away with a smile.  I never knew a park could bring so much joy to a little soul.

More bricks please! 

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